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Wholesome Tummies Lunch Program

The mission of Wholesome Tummies is to make fresh, delicious, and exciting foods available to every child, everywhere.

It’s simple. Kids need good food in order to grow. Their young, active bodies are hungry for nutrients. Their developing minds and muscles are fueled by fresh, wholesome ingredients.  And still, most commercially-available foods for children sorely lack the nutrition they require. It is our mission to change that.  Our goal is to provide every child with the healthy foods they need.

We will do this by making nutritious meals available to all children in the places they live and learn, and by making these meals fun, kid-centric and appealing. We believe that good nutrition is critical to our children’s development, and that healthy eating habits established early can help pave the way to lifelong health. We believe that by preparing healthy foods in creative ways, our children will discover the joys of fresh, natural foods and choose them consistently over less-healthy alternatives. Join the movement!

Snack Menus

Click HERE to see the Daily Snack Menu for 2 years – 2nd grade.

Click HERE to see the Extended Care Daily Snack Menu for 2 years – 8th grade.