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Parent Teacher Association 2017-2018

What is PTA?

The Parent Teacher Association is a service and support organization that supports the educational environment of our children, through the form of enrichment, entertainment and educational activities.  We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the new Parent Teacher Association for the 2017-18 school year.  We seek to provide an effective communication link between the parents, the faculty and the administration at Southern Highlands Preparatory School (SHPS).   Our goal is to remain approachable for our parents and families.

What do we do?

We organize and implement fun, exciting and unique events and activities, which enhance our children’s learning environment and curriculum.  We hope to better our children’s overall educational experiences and time while attending SHPS.  We plan and produce fundraising events, which generate the necessary resources to provide for both curriculum-related as well as extra-curricular activities and events.  PTA funds are used to benefit the entire school.  We are financed solely through parent/guardian donations and annual fundraising.

How can I get involved?

Simply email: info@SHPSPTA.com. Just specify if you are emailing to donate, volunteer, or for more information.

In an effort to ensure and improve communication, 2017-18 PTA information, events and updates will be disseminated via email as well as through flyers. We will also be visible throughout the year in the upper and lower school lobbies with email signup sheets at your convenience. To receive up-to-date information and announcements about PTA events, simply fill in your name and email on the PTA email request. We will also distribute signup sheets through classrooms from time to time which can be returned back to the teacher for pick up.

Who can I contact with questions?

Any parent or guardian are always welcome to contact us at any time through our email address. We also have a PTA mailbox in the lobbies of the Upper and Lower Schools.  Our email: info@SHPSPTA.com. We need your participation and commitment and we welcome your involvement and support! Your child will directly benefit from the many PTA activities and events, so please sign up to chair or assist with at least one PTA event during the year. And, if you’re new to the school or aren’t familiar with an event, don’t let that stop you from signing on. The PTA Board Members will provide oversight, guidance or assistance whenever necessary.

How can I help with fundraising?  

There are two ways to help raise funds for PTA.  First, through direct donations.   Second, through the Fundraising program.  Direct donations are not meant to replace other fundraising.  For Direct Donations please email:  info@SHPSPTA.com or ben@SHPSPTA.com

When or where are PTA meetings held?

We will have meetings throughout the school year scheduled as needed depending on sub-committees and events scheduled for that month.  We also send emails out and post flyers for these meetings.

2017-2018 PTA Executive Board:
Ben Brownback – President – ben@SHPSPTA.com

Chrystal Herndon – Vice President

Terri Borden – Secretary

Brooke Taylor – Treasurer

Orin Herndon – Event Manager