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Ms. Stacey Ballard - First Grade

I am Stacey Ballard. I am from NC originally but I lived in Spain and Texas before moving to Las Vegas 10 years ago. My college major was Spanish and Pediatric Psychology.  I did an alternative route to teaching certification. Languages are a wonderful thing to me. I speak Spanish fluently and 5 others somewhat. This is my 18th year of teaching, and I have taught everything from kindergarten to fifth grade. Teaching is not just my job; it’s my hobby and my calling! I have worked for CCSD and other charter schools here. I can’t imagine being so fulfilled in any other profession. I have 2 beautiful and energetic kiddos: Dorian (14) and Lilith (11). Things have been so different at home, but I love every bit of it. In my rare spare time I love to craft and make things. I love to hike and explore thrift stores, as well. I am excited to join the SHPS family.

Updated Tuesday 08-11-2020 04:38pm