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Ms. Jaime Wunderlich - 7th-8th Grade Social Studies/Language Arts


Welcome to my classroom page for Southern Highlands Preparatory School. My name is Ms. Jaime Wunderlich and I teach Social Studies and Language Arts in the middle school. I am in my 17th year of teaching and my 6th year at SHPS. My personal journey has taken me from California where I majored in Environmental Studies and History at UCSB to earning a Masters Degree in Literacy Education at Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina. I have taught in both public and private schools and have never been happier than working here at SHPS.





In 8th grade social studies, we  will focus on learning about the American government and how citizenship works in the U.S. We will start by looking at the duties and responsibilities of citizens, move through the levels of government and our court systems, delve into the U.S. Constitution and other documents, and  explore the U.S. economic system. A major portion of this class is dedicated to using and analyzing primary sources, from historical documents to political cartoons. Argumentation and debate are also key skills we will work on. We practice these skills each Friday at a teatime debate where we discuss our article of the week while drinking tea, as the most refined gentlemen and ladies would!

In 7th grade social studies, our focus is on the story of western civilization. We start the year transitioning ourselves into historians  by acquiring  the tools they use to navigate this world. We then explore the standards through hand-on activities and authentic simulations such as the  creation our own city-states and our very own Olympic Games, where the city-states compete to win the gods’ favors.  Many of our lessons are inquiry-based as history should be about exploration.


In 6th grade, we will focus on the geography and culture of our diverse world. We will begin by learning the basics of geographical exploration to understand how humans interact with their environment and then use the geographical tools we acquire to explore South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Our final task will be to use what we learned about geography and culture to create our very own civilization!





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This year, our classes will use many apps. Here are the links below:

  1. Discovery Education (online textbook)
  2. Schoology (communication and lessons)
  3. https://www.icivics.org/
  4. https://quizlet.com
  5. Student Handbook



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