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Ms. Jaime Wunderlich - Middle School Social Studies


Thank you middle school students for a spectacular school year! Have a great summer and see you next August. To my beloved graduates, good luck in high school and I will miss you dearly. I am forever and always your devoted teacher.




Welcome to my classroom page for Southern Highlands Preparatory School. My name is Ms. Jaime Wunderlich and I teach social studies for grades 6-8.  I have just completed my   eighteenth year of teaching and my seventh year at SHPS. My personal journey has taken me from California where I majored in Environmental Studies and History at UCSB to earning a Masters Degree in Literacy Education at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina. I have taught in both public and private schools at both the middle grades and high school level and have never been happier than working here at SHPS.





In 8th grade social studies, we  focus on learning about the American government and how citizenship works in the U.S. We  start by looking at the duties and responsibilities of citizens, move through the levels of government and our court systems, delve into the U.S. Constitution and other documents, and explore the U.S. economic system. A major portion of this class is dedicated to using and analyzing primary sources, from historical documents to political cartoons. Argumentation and debate are also key skills we work on. We practice these skills every other Friday at a teatime debate where we discuss our article of the week while drinking tea!




*Please Note: This upcoming school year (2022-2023), both 6th and 7th grade classes will be taking the ancient history course. Eventually, 6th grade social studies will focus on ancient world and 7th grade social studies will focus on world geography. We are making the switch this year between the courses.

In 7th grade social studies (starting in 2023-2024 school year), we focus on the geography of the world. In the first semester, we explore the fundamentals of geography such as the five themes of geography, map reading, physical geography and cultural geography. We end the semester with a project in which the students will create their own original culture! In the second semester, we explore the various regions around the world. We look at how the geographical landscape affects population, resource use, and culture. For each region, students will work on an individual project that allows them to get to know a particular country within that region.

In 6th grade social studies (and 7th for this year only), we explore how the ancient civilizations contribute to our modern lives. We begin during prehistoric times and then move through Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Latin America, and then to Greece and Rome. While in Greece, 7th graders will have an opportunity to create their own city-state and compete in challenges that test their problem-solving skills with bi-weekly challenges as well as their physical abilities, during an Olympic Games activity. We end the year by briefly looking at key moments in history that have shaped our modern day world like Medieval Europe, the Renaissance and Age of Exploration, and early African kingdoms. Primary source analysis and map reading are key skills we work on.







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Classroom Notes

8th grade book tie-ins: Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, Farewell to Manzanar, To Kill a Mockingbird, Inherit the Wind, Refugee

7th grade book tie-ins: Long Walk to Water 

6th grade book tie-ins: Egypt Game, Greek Mythology, Black Ships Before Troy, The Master Puppeteer


Resources: Scope Magazine, Junior Scholastic, National Geographic


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