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Mr. HaeJohn Medley - Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Photography K-8

Hi! My name is HaeJohn Medley. I graduated from Hastings College with a BA in K-12 Art Education and Psychology.  I plan to introduce students to a wide range of artists, styles, and philosophies throughout our journey through the world of imagination and creation. We will be learning art through a lens of creative problem solving and project based learning. We will also create connections, naturally, to math, science, english, social studies, and even physical education. The projects created in class are in depth and cover multiple standards, ideas, and areas of learning. Each school year culminates with our school wide Annual Art Show.

The goal is NOT to create the next great artist. My focus is to give students the knowledge, tools, and confidence to:

  1. Understand how art impacts our lives.
  2. Appreciate and understand why art exists.
  3. Successfully create their own art.



Here’s some samples of the creations in the Art Room:

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Classroom Notes


In the class resources you’ll find the documents needed to complete your weekly art critiques. I am going to try and jump on some ZOOM sessions with classroom teachers to answer questions and see students’ faces!

-Responses can be written, recorded (audio or video), or typed.

-One Art Critique a week using the Art Critique Guide and Art Critique Sheet. If recorded, please use this format in recordings too.




  1. No Events



Art Critiques are once a week at your convenience. Please provide the name/title/location of the art
work or a picture of the artwork with your critique. These can be handwritten and photographed, done
digitally, or with voice or video recording. All that have been sent to me, I have been able to

MS Word version:

Art Criticism Sheet

Distance Art Letter

Guide to Art Criticism

Online Art Resources


PDF version:

Art Criticism Sheet

Distance Art Letter

Guide to Art Criticism

Online Art Resources


Using the Art critique guide and sheet please complete one Art Critique a week. This can be written
and turned in or it can be a discussion with your child to guide the judgement process when viewing
things artistically. Anything artistic can be critiqued: dance, movies, tv shows, music, food, architecture, interior
design/ decor, landscaping, etc.
If you would like to share any critiques or artwork made during this time I would love to see it. Please
send them to HaeJohn.Medley@southernhighlandsprep.com.


-Independent Art Projects:

Is there a big art project that has been in your head for a while that you would like to work on? Well now is the time! (If you have the space and materials.)

The first thing you will do is turn in a plan complete with blueprints, estimated timeline, materials, influences, and an explanation of what your plan is and why you are doing it. After these plans are finalized and approved, I will accept detailed progress pictures, thoughts, and realizations (in the form of a journal entry) instead of the weekly art critique. This project can take multiple weeks, but progress must be made weekly and must be completed by May 15th.


-Art Critiques:

Using the Art Critique guide and sheet, please complete and turn in one Art Critique.
There should be a minimum of one answer per section on the Art Critique Sheet. Anything artistic and
school appropriate can be critiqued: Dance, acting, music, food, architecture, interior design, YouTube,
landscaping, etc. You can turn these in whenever you complete them during the week. Critiques can be
handwritten, typed, recorded (audio and/or video), or keynote presentation. With each critique, please
include an image of what you’re critiquing and/or the artist name, title of work, and where it can be
found if on the internet or streaming service. This project can be turned in once a week.


-Homemade Face Masks:

Keeping each other safe during this time is important. Making a mask not only
can help that goal but can introduce you to basic sewing techniques and fabric construction. If you do not have the
materials used in this video, there are other instructions that are more simplified that can be found with
a quick internet search. When making these please understand that this is not 100% protection, but it
can help by increasing supply of masks for healthcare workers by reducing the needs at home/personal
use. This is project can be done instead of an art critique or weekly (if you have the ability to do that.)

-Journals with photos/Illustrations :

What is happening now is very unique and your experience is
important. Keeping a journal is a good way to remember and reflect on what you were experiencing
during that this time. Think of yourself as a reporter for your grade level. What questions do you have?
What do you feel is important information to document for the future? Who/what is affected mostly by
this (positive and negative)? What’s has gotten better? What has gotten worse? What are you thankful
for? Think of major events of the past and how we learned about the details of everyday life during
those times. What did you find interesting? (I.e. Food lines during the great depression, living in
Germany during WW2, the Y2K scare, Cuban Missile Crisis, etc.) Each entry must be a page long with a
photo or illustration for that entry. This project will be can be turned in weekly instead of the art

Artwork for essential workers:

There are a lot of people working VERY hard during these times to
ensure our safety, health, and comfort. Everyone from Doctors, Vets, and Law Enforcement to Grocery
store workers, food delivery drivers, and local restaurants. Create artwork that highlights the work they
are doing and why you appreciate it. Take a picture of the artwork and post it in Schoology or send it to
my email. (If you have social media, share it on there too and tag the people that you are highlighting.)
After that, there is a drop off bin for thank you cards outside the main entrance of the school. Please
label who the artwork is for and drop it off there if possible. The school will be delivering these
throughout the school closure.
This project can be done once a week (or more) instead of the art critique assignment.
Please send finished work to HaeJohn.Medley@southernhighlandsprep.com