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Mr. HaeJohn Medley - Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Photography K-8

Hi! My name is HaeJohn Medley. I graduated from Hastings College with a BA in K-12 Art Education and Psychology.  I plan to introduce students to a wide range of artists, styles, and philosophies throughout our journey through the world of imagination and creation. We will be learning art through a lens of creative problem solving and project based learning. We will also create connections, naturally, to math, science, english, social studies, and even physical education. The projects created in class are in depth and cover multiple standards, ideas, and areas of learning. Each school year culminates with our school wide Annual Art Show.

The goal is NOT to create the next great artist. My focus is to give students the knowledge, tools, and confidence to:

  1. Understand how art impacts our lives.
  2. Appreciate and understand why art exists.
  3. Successfully create their own art.



Here’s some samples of the creations in the Art Room:

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Classroom Notes


I look forward to starting a brand new digital photography program and continuing to find new and innovative ways ignite passion and curiosity for the arts in both my students academic and personal lives.

Here are some resources to check out anytime!

I will always recommend parents/guardians to watch these programs with you kids to share your thoughts and insights.

Home Resources:

-Mati and Dada Videos on Youtube

-Brain Games on Netflix

-Abstract on Netflix

-Raiders on the Lost Art on Netflix

-Bob Ross videos on youtube and netflix

-Ted Talks

-Super Slow Show on YouTube

-Macro Room on YouTube

-Bill Nye the Science Guy

-Bill Nye Saves the World (for older students, some “controversial” material)

Out of the house resources:

Hike at Red Rock Canyon, Gold Strike Canyon, Petroglyphs, Lake Mead, Lee Canyon, or any of the other wonderful sites outside of Las Vegas and bring your camera/phone.

The Neon Museum

Seven Magic Mountains

Petroglifs Hike

Fine Art Gallery at Bellagio (Check Bellagio website for show info)

Large Murals all over Downtown Las Vegas

Public art works at City Center

Glow Zone

Twilight Zone Mini golf at Bally’s

SeaQuest Aquarium at The Boulevard Mall



  1. No Events




During the school year, in addition to the art classes offered during school hours, After School Art classes are available too!

You can find the flyers for these classes by the main office entrance or stop by the art room.

Medley’s Masterpieces: Step by Step Painting for K-8

Off the Grid: In depth sessions learning to draw ANYTHING using the grid method open grades 3-8

Dungeons & Dragons: Starting the 2018-2019 school year, Mr. Stafford and myself will begin a Dungeons and Dragon Club. Like all clubs on campus, it’s existence depends on sign ups and participation.