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Ms. Fatima Iglesias - 6th Grade

Hello 6th grade families!

My name is Fatima J. Iglesias and I will be teaching 6th grade here at Southern Highlands Preparatory School.  I look forward to a wonderful year full of activities and projects that your child will be doing in my class.  I believe that every child is unique and therefore has their own talents and special abilities.  I hope that with the skills that I will be teaching them, they will grow and flourish.

I am originally from New York and was teaching in both private and public school for over 18 years.  Now I am in my 22nd year of teaching, I have been here in Southern Highlands Preparatory School for four years as a middle school teacher.  I am very grateful to the community of teachers and administration that I work with as they are very devoted to the needs of the student.  I am grateful that we are a close-knit community of staff, students, parents and administration.

Please know that I will always be available to talk about your child. If you have any concerns and if there is anything that I can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.  I welcome parents to come speak to me as that way we together help the student achieve their best in school.  Thank you so much for your support and for trusting your child to us academically.



Ms. Iglesias



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Classroom Notes

This year we will be reading various books in 6th grade.  The theme is:  SURVIVAL  There are some sub themes (endurance, loneliness, courage, kindness, acceptance etc)  that we will be discussing in class but the overall theme is survival.

We will start out with Dear Mr. Henshaw as a journal entry.   Then we will go on to read The Cay.  This book sets the tone for the next three quarters as will be doing an author study of Gary Paulsen and his books:  The Hatchet, The River, Brian’s Winter, Brian’s Hunt and Brian’s Return.  The last book of the year that we will be reading is A Long Walk To Water.


In Seventh Grade will be dealing with various themes throughout the year starting with Kindness in the book Paying it Forward and I Am Malala.  Then we will be reading The Giver in the second quarter.  Fever 1793 will be read in the third quarter and The Master Puppeteer will be the last book.


In Eighth Grade we will also be dealing with various themes starting with endurance in the book Farewell to Manzanaar.  Second quarter we will be reading Lord of the Flies. Third quarter we will be reading Outsiders and Knight and in the final quarter we will be reading Ann Frank.

6th Grade Recommended Reading List

Born at Midnight series by C. C. Hunter is the winner!

This great list is from the Newton Free Library system. It has great detailed book reviews if you click on the title. I found many of our favorite new books there that are middle school approved.

YA Dystopian Like THE GIVER

Best Graphic Novels for Middle School 

Best Historical Fiction

For YA Boys:

There seems to be a real scarcity of great Young Adult books for boys which is a real shame because research shows that reading drops off for boys starting in 7th grade! Try these books if you are noticing your son is reading less.

Thought Provoking and Downright Scary Book 

 Amazing Novels in Verse

Best Multicultural Middle Grade Books

Books to Get Your Gamer Reading

One strategy to get kids — tweens and teens included — reading more is to match books with things they are interested in. These were the sports chapter books that stood out.



I would hand this chapter book to any kid who worries about making the cut.

Books for Reluctant Middle School Readers

Diversity Picture Books for 6th Grade


Middle School Chapter Books from Books4YourKids

Top 100 Best Young Adult Books by Persnickety Snark’s Poll

Books for the Middle Grade Reluctant Reader

Some ideas for middle school readers who may be good at reading but just don’t like to read.

Multicultural Books for Middle School

If kids need to read about someone like them, try these multicultural books.

PickyKidPix 6th Grade Recommended Books

PickyKidPix 7th Grade Recommended Books

PickyKidPix 8th Grade Recommended Books

I hope that you enjoy these books and choose to read at least four of them throughout the year.




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